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St John the Baptist Church

Our lovely parish church, dedicated to St John the Baptist, is situated in Holywell, a little under a mile from our school. The building is greatly treasured as part of our community’s heritage.

We value very highly the close relationship we enjoy with our church. Members of the worshipping community visit us weekly to act out Bible stories through ‘Open the Book’; a highlight that we always look forward to. For ‘Experience Christmas’ and ‘Experience Easter’, we normally visit the church itself; these events give our pupils the opportunity to explore and gain a deeper understanding of the gospel accounts.

The annual Well Blessing and Flower Festival takes place at the church at the end of June, near the date for the Feast of St John the Baptist. The Well is ‘dressed’ with a design made from flower petals and there is a flower festival in the church. We are delighted to be able to contribute to the celebration with some of our art work and a small petalled display of our own, giving us an opportunity to learn a craft which is rarely seen outside Derbyshire. In 2021 the Well Dressing design celebrated the introduction of our new school vision and badge.

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