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At Holywell, we use our school vision, Flowing, Strengthening, and Deepening, to guide our science intent:

  • Flowing – developing a secure understanding of key scientific knowledge and skills.
  • Strengthening – making links between different science units using the key concepts to make these connections. For example, looking at how root hair cells in plants, and villi in the digestive system, have a similar structure related to their similar function of absorbing nutrients.
  • Deepening – applying knowledge of science across different STEM Subjects such as DT when incorporating electrical components, or exercise science in PE, to strengthen understanding

We use the National Curriculum as the foundation of our own science curriculum. However, our own curriculum for science goes deeper in places to reflect our children’s natural curiosity and the ambition we have for them to succeed in this vital subject. For example, across units covering plants, space, the human body and electricity, for example, we cover things in greater depth than required in the curriculum because children are naturally curious about the world around them. The intent of our curriculum therefore is to provide children with the scientific knowledge and skills they need to understand the world around them, make connections between different units and apply their developing scientific knowledge across other curriculum areas.

This link to STEM Learning has lots of useful information about Primary Science:

For more information about our science curriculum, please explore our science overview below. Additionally, you will also find the National Curriculum for Primary Science, on which our own curriculum is based.