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Mrs Nicky Oliver (SENDCo)

At Holywell C of E Primary School, Mrs Nicola Oliver is our SENDCo and will be happy to assist with any SEN enquiries you may have. She is contactable via the school office (

Holywell C of E Primary School is an inclusive school and believes that every child is unique. We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all of our children. We have systems in place to identify when children may have barriers to their learning, and have a range of strategies we may use to enable pupils to continue accessing and benefiting from our curriculum. 

Teachers monitor the progress of all of their children daily through marking and questioning, and then throughout the term through assessments and pupil progress meetings. If teachers have a concern about a child in their class, they are encouraged to speak to the SENCo to discuss how we can support that pupil and enable them to make progress. 

If a parent has concerns about the progress their child is making, they are encouraged to speak to the class teacher in the first instance. If necessary, the teacher will then pass their concerns onto the SENCo or suggest a meeting. We will work together as a team to find the best way to support your child. 

Following discussions with parents and carers, pupils may be placed onto the SEND Register at some point in their school career. For many, this involves a short burst of targeted intervention which may lead to them being taken off the register and their progress monitored, while for others the support process is a longer one. 

The broad areas of SEND are:

• Communication and Interaction
• Cognition and Learning
• Social, Emotional and Mental Health
• Sensory and Physical Needs

Children will receive different levels of support depending on their individual needs.



Please find below a link to government guidance on supporting children with SEND at home. If you have any further queries or are in need of support, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs Oliver.