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At Holywell, we use our school vision, Flowing, Strengthening, and Deepening, to guide our PE intent:

  • Flowing – Developing a range of fine and gross motor skills as well as promoting active lifestyles and how maintaining this is essential to leading a healthy life.
  • Strengthening – To build fundamental movements skills into a wide range of sport specific activities whilst continuing to embed healthy lifestyles and sportsmanship qualities.
  • Deepening – To draw on high quality skills and sportsmanship assets when contributing to inter and intra sporting events, as well as transferring skills into day to day lives as active, fair and resilient citizens.

At Holywell school our key aim is to inspire EVERY child to be passionate about Physical Education and Sport. At Holywell we believe that Physical Education and sport is for everyone! PE is the heart of our school and we aim to give them a love for PE, Sport, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle that continues throughout their lives.

Long Term Plan

PE Points

PE Points and stickers are given out to children during PE lessons and Forest School for demonstrating one or more of the Holywell’s School Values.  These points are collected through the week and the class with the most points at the end of the week can choose a fun activity to play on Friday lunchtime.

Trust and Truthfulness - Being Honest

Respect and Service - Good Listening
Generosity and Thankfulness - Good Sportsmanship
Justice and Forgiveness - Playing Fairly
Friendship and Compassion - Being Kind 
Courage and Perseverance - Trying my best