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At Holywell, we teach Mathematics using the White Rose Maths (WRM) schemes of learning, which we adapt to suit the needs of the children in our class, in daily hour-long mathematics lessons. Our Mathematics Policy, detailing both our approach, and our view of best practice for the teaching of mathematics can be found below:




The WRM scheme is well-sequenced, with each unit covered in depth, and the content applied in different ways in subsequent units for consolidation. We teach mathematics using a mastery approach, where new concepts are introduced in small chunks that build in complexity, and the whole-class are taught together to ensure that all achieve within each year group expectations.

New concepts are introduced to the children using the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach, where children first explore a new concept using practical, physical resources, before looking at how the same concept could be represented pictorially before learning what this concept might look like in an abstract, written calculation. For example, when being introduced to division, the children would first lean by sharing concrete objects, such as sweets into groups, then they might represent this pictorially by drawing sweets in different groups, before being introduced to the written, abstract calculation 14 ÷ 2.

Our long-term overview for each year group can be seen below.. Please click the relevant year group below and use the arrows to scroll through. 



In addition to daily maths lessons, we also have discrete daily arithmetic sessions to ensure children build up fluency and speed in things such as written calculation methods, and we also use the Numbots and Times Table Rock Star Apps to support children to develop fluency in number bonds and time table facts.

Further useful links and documents that we use to support the teaching of mathematics can be found below:

White Rose Maths:



Times Table RockStars: