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Breakfast and After School Club


Contact Number: 07761 341042

Registration Forms

You must complete the registration forms, found at the bottom this page, before your child is able to attend the club. These can be given to a member of the team directly or handed in at the school office. 


Fees are charged in advance on a half termly basis based on completed booking forms. Amendments for extra or cancelled sessions will be made in the following half term. Fees can paid in cash, cheque and voucher scheme or through Parent Pay. All cheques should be made payable to Holywell Primary School. Any queries regarding payments please contact Becky Cooper in the finance office.


If you need to cancel your child’s place at the club you will need to give us 7 days’ notice to not be charged. You will be charged for booked sessions even if your child does not attend that haven't been cancelled. You will not be charged if your child goes home from school due to sickness or if they are attending a school sports event.

Phone number

07761 341042 – We ask that you give us a ring or a text if you are going to be collecting your child late due to traffic. This way we can let your child know that you are on your way. We ask that you don’t use your mobile phones in the room and if you need to make a phone call that you do it outside before you come in.

Behaviour management

We have high expectations of behaviour, as in school. We follow the same policy as the children follow in school. 


Please pick up your child promptly otherwise if after 5.30pm it will result in a late collection fee of £5 per child

Snacks, breakfast and dinners 

We provide breakfast in the morning sessions. This will be included in the cost of each session. There will be a choice of cereals and toast. A variety of fruit will be provided daily and a selection of squash (blackcurrant or orange) will also be available throughout the session. As a health promoting school we ask that you provide a healthy snack, breakfast or dinner for your child. We ask that you don’t send in any crisps, biscuits, chocolate, sweets etc. and NO nut products such as Nutella, cereal bars including nuts as we have several children with nut allergies. If you are bringing breakfast or dinner for your child to eat in the club, we ask that you provide it in a packed lunch format and it is clearly named. Your child will need to put all food in the fridge to keep it fresh. We also provide crockery and cutlery for the children to use.